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“Online Distance Counseling”

Now Available for all People in the Whole State of Illinois.

 People with life challenges are encouraged to use their onetime FREE 15 minute, absolutely no obligation opportunity, to talk to a highly experienced counselor/therapist. Mr. Lynn T. Austrheim MSW, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and specialist in advanced psychotherapy and  will listen and suggest a treatment plan for your consideration.   

Please take a look at the introductory video that follows, presented by  Ashley.  Then read on to learn about the many details, and advantages of the Online Distance Counseling 15 minute FREE consultation offer.  (By the way, Mr. Austrheim likes to be called Mr. Lynn.)

To reach Mr. Lynn on his personal CELL 847-707-7877 the best times for you to call are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 10 AM to 8PM when he will have the FREE time to talk with you.

There are three acceptable responses to our conversation and the therapy proposal that you will receive.

  • You may not think the proposal for an enhanced life is right for you, and you end the call, with Mr. Lynn’s sincere thanks for your interest.  Perhaps you could tell other people of his service.
  •  You may be a person who likes to have time to think about the proposal or to talk it over with others and ask if you may call later which would be perfectly understandable.
  • The third option you may have is that you see value in Mr. Lynn’ counseling/therapy proposal and would like to start therapy/counseling sessions with him.

When you have made the decision to get the training/therapy/counseling you need to solve and triumph over your challenges CALL Edgewood Clinical Services at 630-438-7890 where you will become their client, to avail yourself to the advantages of their intake process, billing services, and a diversified clinical staff.  When you call, tell the person that you are speaking to, that you desire to have Mr. Lynn, an employee, to be your counselor. When the Edgewood Office calls Mr. Lynn to tell him that you are logged into their system, he (or the office) will call you to set up your first phone, internet, or office session if you are near Lisle Illinois.

You have the choice of paying in cash, check, credit card, or insurance with co/pay if required.

Edgewood’s insurance providers list is as follows:  

Aetna EAP/Horizon EAP

Aetna/Coventry/First Health

American Behavioral


BCBS HMO DuPage Medical Group


Beacon EAP

Cigna EAP

Cigna/Great West/HAP/Alliance Health


DMG DuPage Medical Group

Health Alliance Medical Plans

Health Link/Concert Health/Unicare/Wellpoint/GEHA



Humana/LifeSynch Worklife Services EAP


LifeWorks EAP/Ceridian EAP


Magellan EAP



Military One Source EAP

Military One/WAP EAP


United Healthcare

Call 630-428-7890 if you do not see you insurance listed here or have questions. 

Edgewood Clinical Services and Mr. Lynn truly look forward to the pleasure of the honor of knowing you and serving your needs.


Mr. Lynn T. Austrheim, MSW, LCSW       

Edgewood Management and Staff.


“The feedback from the patients that Lynn treats was very positive with respect to his clinical skill. At least one patient and maybe more said they receive more benefit from one or two sessions with Lynn than they had previously received in many sessions with prior therapists. This is quite a compliment to Lynn which I have seldom heard regarding any therapist”

“Lynn’s knowledge of both psychodynamics and psychopathology is excellent. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to assess, diagnose and plan treatment in a comprehensive and efficient manner. As a therapist Lynn is sensitive, energetic and spontaneous, with an approach that empowers his patients to deal with their most difficult challenges. In addition, he is willing to extend himself and does not hesitate to advocate for the needs of his patients when it is warranted.”


Mr. Lynn T. Austrheim, MSW, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Illinois
[email protected]
Call (847) 707 – 7877

Analysis of mental health problems and treatment planning
Advanced psychotherapy treatment
Mental Health Case Management
Mental Health Status Screening
Family Counseling General Group Counseling, Psychodrama
Management Training and Work Culture Enhancement
Substitute Teaching from 1 st grade to seniors in High School


Designed a new highly advanced 18 step psychotherapy called “Sequence Therapy” that provides 18 distinct steps of therapy that a client needs to attain and retain for good mental health. Other therapies and methods by other authors may be used at each step, to further advance wellness and learning.

Proficient in providing Adlerian Reality Therapy, Psychodrama, Hypnosis, Ordeal Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Meditation, NPL Therapy, Feldenkrais, Family Therapy, Closed Eye Therapy, Clay Figure Therapy, CBT, Primal Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Family Picture Therapy, Play Therapy, Parental Training, Music Therapy and many other therapies.

Highly experienced in doing Family, couple, and various group psychotherapies. On occasion have been asked to do training for nurses and other therapists who were interested in my special work.

Developed an expanded screening mental status test to determine if client/patient needs to be seen by psychiatrist and/or a neurologist. In one hospital I was responsible for the case management for all the patients in a 24 bed locked ward hospital.

Speaker for community groups interested in mental health such as colleges, over 40 club, singles clubs, and civic organizations.

Military work was to provide psychotherapy and case management to veterans, including those with PTSD.

Team Player as part of a treatment team consisting of a unit chief, a psychiatrist, a psychologist, nurses, and other social workers.

Invented a new managerial system that was applied to technical teams that raised productivity twenty
two percent in just two months.

Substitute teacher for two years from the first grade to seniors in high school. Received many unsolicited letters of appreciation from students.

Employed: Hospitals and Agencies

Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital—Mattoon, IL
Iroquois Mental Health Center—Watseka, IL
Henry Horner Children’s Center—Chicago, IL
Veterans Hospital—North Chicago, IL
Apogee Mental Health—Waukesha, WI
Navy Family Service Center—Great Lakes, IL
Behavioral Health Care Associates—Schaumburg, IL
Counseling Advantage—Hoffman Estates, IL


Masters of Social Work in Social Work and Psychotherapy
B.S. in Organizational Development and Managerial Training

US Army SP3 Personnel Clerk Honorable Discharge Two Year enlistment


Over the last 25 years, Mr. Austrheim has experience in weight loss counseling, attention deficit disorder counseling, ADD counseling, ADHD counseling, grief counseling, relationship counseling, child counseling, mood disorders counseling, mental status exam counseling, couples counseling, marriage counseling, family counseling, depression counseling, anxiety counseling, conflict resolution counseling, anxiety disorder counseling, family counseling, family therapy counseling, conflict resolution counseling, adolescent therapy counseling, couples therapy counseling, child therapy counseling, mood disorder counseling, eating disorders counseling, relationships counseling, relationship therapy counseling, PTSD counseling, psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, family issues counseling, obesity counseling, weight reduction counseling, adolescent counseling, grief counseling, distance therapy counseling, marital therapy, loss counseling, substance abuse counseling, stress management counseling, anger management counseling, parenting counseling, divorce counseling, life transitions counseling, emotional abuse counseling, Infidelity counseling, panic attacks counseling, self Esteem counseling, self-care counseling, divorce mediation counseling, codependency counseling, dissociation counseling, domestic violence counseling, alcohol addiction counseling, elder abuse counseling, emotional abuse counseling, impulsivity counseling, narcissism counseling, career counseling, compulsive disorders, hypnosis, work shops, communications counseling, management development counseling, organizational development counseling, corporate training, suicide counseling and much more. Call 1-847-707-7877 to schedule your Free, 15 minute and find out for yourself.

A letter of Introduction to My New Clients:

My name is Mr. Lynn T. Austrheim, but in our sessions I am going to be FRANK with you.

A revered teacher and mentor in Psychology once told me that 95% of Americans  grow up with some degree of thinking, feeling, or behavior dysfunction. Most people, through no fault of their own, have no idea of their impairment. When they become my client, they can be very assured that I will be COMPLETELY FRANK with them, so they become more of the people they were born to be.

Many people are often dissatisfied with prior psychotherapy treatment when they tell me they did not learn very much. I will be FRANK with you, when I tell you that a lot of the methods in the psychotherapy business do not work very well. If you seek help for your challenges with me, know that I will be FRANK with you, and provide extensive education in addition to therapy to maximize your counseling experience.

I am FRANK with you when I tell you that I will be doing individual therapy and marriage therapy combined, to obtain the best outcomes for you, your spouse, and family.

If a child under 18 presents for therapy, I will be FRANK with you, when I insist that the whole family must come in for critical sessions for maximum positive results.

I am FRANK with you when I tell you, I am friendly, but ethics dictate that I cannot be your friend. I am a professional clinician devoted to helping people have better, successful and happier lives.

While I cannot guarantee success for you, I will be FRANK and tell you in saying that I will do everything within ethical boundaries, to help you reach your counseling goals.

Mr. Lynn Austrheim, MSW, LCSW

Contact Us

Mr. Lynn T. Austrheim, MSW, LCSW

840 S. Northwest Highway, Suite B, Barrington, IL 60010

(847) 707-7877

Edgewood Clinical Services

1500 Eisenhower Lane, Lisle, Illinois 60532

(630) 438-7890

Additional Services

Psychology Training/seminars Productivity enhancement Through Engagement Meetings 

December 2020
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